Kraken Cru
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Restaurant Kraken Cru Seafood speciality

Opened spring of 2015, the Kraken found its inspiration in the oyster bars of the east coast. The small restaurant boasts 20 places, all seated around a large central bar. Packed like sardines, the guests will naturally feel like sharing and exchanging with the other guests as well as the staff.

A second dining room, in the cellar, offers more comfort and privacy. It’s also possible to host a small group for an event.

On the menu : oysters on the half shell, fresh fish and seafood. A visit there is not only for the food, but also for the fun and friendly atmosphere that makes the signature of the “restaurants pirates”. The Kraken is the third in the family that counts “L’Affaire est Ketchup”, “Patente et Machin” and “L’albaCORE”.

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A superb experience in Quebec City! Great food, fine wines and a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend it!

Laure Wgt

Incredible experience! We had EVERYTHING on the menu and have absolutely nothing negative to say. Delicious. Excellent. Try and try again.

Melany M

The atmosphere is great, the oysters are delicious and so are the cocktails! Really loved the place! The service is excellent too!

Julie Asselin