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Our Story Since 2015

The idea of a small restaurant began to take root in the minds of the owners following their travels in New England. Inspired by their visits to oyster bars, chowder shacks, and dive bars, the concept of Kraken Cru was born.

A tiny establishment with the semblance of a bar, or perhaps a bar that fancies itself a restaurant
 The decision is yours to make!
An old snack bar located on St-Vallier West, in the heart of the vibrant Saint-Sauveur district, underwent transformation in the spring of 2015. Positioned just a stone’s throw away from “Patente et Machin,” the location was ideal.

The idea of opening a restaurant in a less upscale neighborhood, without reservations, without fixed tables, and with a menu that changes every week, seemed audacious at the time. However, the response from the clientele was swift and unequivocal. The locals quickly adopted the habit, and tourists soon followed. In 2016, Kraken made an appearance on the list of the top 10 new restaurants in Canada by EnRoute guide.

For over 8 years now, the adventure continues. The small restaurant has grown slightly larger. Reservations are finally accepted, and a second dining room and a terrace have been added. The cocktail selection has been enhanced, and the wine list expanded. The menu remains seasonal and evolving, yet consistently gains in originality.

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